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Such a wonderful invention. Being part of a shelter where we get so many kittens in high demand, and not enough bottle feeders and fosters . This product is amazing it truly does mimic the mother making it easier to take in bottle babies . Also comforting the kittens to stay warm and believe mom is still with them. Every shelter should have one.

Board Member
Cove Animal Rescue

Surro-kitty was a lifesaver!! Not just for my “newbie” rescues but for me too!!! Trying to feed hungry crying babies every two or three hours can take its toll. Surro-kitty reduced the stress for everyone. The construction and design simulates a real “mama” cat. The nipples are fantastic and easy for the newbies to attach and suckle. Feeding time still requires close monitoring but it’s so much easier and faster than before.
The newbies love kneading and cuddling with their Surro-Kitty mama. They sleep longer and seem so much more satisfied.
A special “thank you” to Michele in customer service. She was so helpful and so supportive.
Kitten Fosterer & Animal Rescue Advocate
Yonkers, New York

I have never used a Surro-kitty or seen one in person. I have close connections with people (including Suzanne at Grand Strand) who have worked in the shelter environment for years, as well as with people who have ties to major global cat welfare organizations. They are the ones who told me about Surro-kitty & what it does. I more than trust their opinion, as they are very experienced in shelter environment/fostering & I am very passionate about the work they do.

I am very dedicated to philanthropy & hope to make more donations to cats & kittens in need in the future however I can. I am so grateful to have been introduced to Surro-kitty so that I can make it a big part of my future philanthropic endeavors to save as many cats & kittens as possible.

Philanthropist & Animal Rescue Advocate
Hickory, NC

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