Kitten Couture: Orphan Kitten Sweaters

kitten sweater
Photo Credit: Katie Mitchell

Kittens are naturally cute, but a kitten wearing a sweater is the pinnacle of cute!

Orphan Kitten Sweaters makes a line of hand-knitted sweaters for cats and kittens, and foster parents are loving them. The sweaters are made to help newborns maintain their body temperature and to prevent litter mates from suckling on each other.

Veteran fosterer and kitten rescue advocate, Stephanie Noe, launched Orphan Kitten Sweaters with the goal of helping kittens and their caregivers.

“We don’t sell the sweaters. We just charge [$2.61] for the cost of postage,” says Noe.

While there is no charge for the sweaters, the company does encourage donations to help cover the cost of yarn and additional supplies.

Noe enlists a team of volunteer knitters and crocheters who share her passion for kitten rescue.

“I have such a dedicated group of volunteers, and they’re all over. One lives all the way in Bahrain.”

Orphan Kitten Sweaters offers multiple sizes, with the smallest size fitting kittens weighting 3-7oz. Orders can be placed on their website at International orders are accepted, however, there may be a slight increase in postage price.

Orphan Kitten Sweater

Orphan Kittens Sweaters has a growing community of supporters on social media, with photos of adorable kitten models wearing the latest sweater designs.

Those interested in becoming volunteer knitters or crocheters should contact Stephanie Noe at

Facebook: @OrphanKittenSweaters

kitten sweaters


  1. Absolutely an amazing thing for my fosters I tend to have around 6-15 bottle kittens on hand and I normally have to separate everyone because of them trying to nurse on each other which can cause life threatening injuries. This is an amazing way to let families stay together!!

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