Baby Cat Pack™

The Economical Kitten Nurser

The Baby Cat Pack™ Kitten Nurser. 

When there are more orphaned kittens than available foster homes, things can become uncomfortable. This year the Surro-Kitty® gained popularity among fosterers and shelters. Although these are excellent, high-quality nursers, the price tag ($125-$249) makes these units out of reach for some individual fosterers and small organizations.

In our search for an economical kitten nurser, we discovered this little gem — Baby Cat Pack™. The Baby Cat Pack™ is a machine-washable fur pouch that holds five bottles, enabling the caregiver to nurse multiple kittens at once. One of the greatest advantages of the Baby Cat Pack™ is that it allows foster parents to interact and bond with the kittens. Since it is a small hand-held unit, foster parents are able to determine how much each kitten takes in during feedings. Another great feature is the price. The Baby Cat Pack™ is a valuable tool for dedicated foster parents and busy rescues.

The Baby Cat Pack™  can be purchased through The Foster Store in Foster Kitten Magazine.

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